Getting Started with an Incentive Program at HMI

HMI will guide you the entire way. We have launched hundreds of successful programs over the past 30 years. Our team will help you structure and implement a performance incentive program by determining:

  1. The program/business objectives & how success will be measured.
  2. The key target audience(s).
  3. How your sales organization should be vested in the strategy.
  4. How the program will differentiate you from your competition.
  5. The projected increase/return/results you should expect.
  6. The most effective program duration and launch schedule.
  7. The most appropriate rules structure to produce the greatest results.
  8. How to engage your target audience via different communications vehicles.
  9. The best awards to motivate your audience.
  10. How the program will be funded through budget creation.
  11. How to best track & report performance.