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An Incentive Hero Among Us

Incentive customer service

Believe it or not, the following is a true client success story:

Unique Events Elevate the Quality of Meetings!

meetings and events

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About!

Incentive Travel on a Budget: Making the Most of the Group Travel Experience

incentive group travel

If you have turned on a TV or opened a newspaper in the past few months, you know that the economy is in trouble, and that companies are being forced to cut spending across the board. Traditionally, incentive solutions, particularly in group travel, have been the first to see reduced budgets, but there are ways to plan group travel experiences that still produce overwhelmingly positive results on a tight budget. Below are five ways to save while still providing a memorable experience that lasts many months beyond the trip.

More Than Just Rewards — The Research Side of Performance Improvement

incentive marketing analytics

In order to succeed in the world of performance improvement, you have to be smart and reliable when it comes to providing your clients with the right rewards structure. This includes everything from updated catalogues and breadth of offerings, to marketing savvy and fulfillment capabilities. You need to provide the merchandise, travel, and experience rewards that will motivate employees and customers across the whole spectrum of industry. Most importantly, you need to be able to do this efficiently, and at a price that’s competitive. All of this is a given.


Globalization Part II: Collaboration and Global Incentives

global incentives

In Part One of this three part globalization blog series, we looked at the challenges that businesses are faced with as they try to operate in and navigate through an evolving global marketplace.  We identified two major hurdles to success – market saturation and product flexibility – and promised to explore possible solutions. Here in Part Two, we examine one creative idea that has helped two companies respond to the issue of market saturation.

Incentive Travel Destination Spotlight: Buenos Aires, Argentina

incentive travel destination Buenos Aires

As the most popular tourist destination in South America, it’s no surprise that Argentina also boasts the most visited city on the continent, Buenos Aires. This consistent influx of visitors has helped shape Buenos Aires into a truly cosmopolitan capital, with a vibrant and sophisticated culture that’s especially conducive for incentive trips. Regarded as “the Paris of South America,” the city is home to more than 300 theaters, including the famed Teatro Colón, countless museums, a nightlife crackling with energy, and some of the most delicious cuisine in the world, blending Old World influences with exotic South American flavors. Some notable city highlights that could be incorporated into an incentive trip include:

Small Company Achieves Higher Profits with Group Travel Incentives

incentive group travel

In previous posts, we have discussed how beneficial performance incentives can be for all types of companies, no matter what industry they are in or how big or small they are. To illustrate that point, we recently gathered information on one of our programs, a group travel incentive program that we administer for a large supplier of domestic and industrial supplies and materials. While the program itself was company-wide, we thought this local branch was a great example of the benefits of doing group travel incentives.

Creative Funding Options for a Channel Partner Recognition Event

Channel Incentive Funding Image resized 600

When deciding how to fund an incentive program, there are a number of considerations that need to be addressed in the planning process. For some companies, the benefits of running a structured program greatly outweigh the costs of administering the event or program and they are willing to invest in communicating and administering the program. Others, however, look to outside sources of funding to help offset these costs. There is no “right” answer as this is a corporate philosophical issue. Whenever our team is meeting with new or potential clients, we’re always eager to hear their creative funding solutions, and I thought I would share one client’s strategy … which was very creative.

The Power of Face-to-Face Collaboration

incentive marketing

In today’s global and telecommuting marketplace, conducting in-person meetings or “workshops” with a vendor partner is rare. Due to varying locations, busy schedules, and more travel expense restrictions, the face-to-face time usually suffers. Because of this, the development of a global channel loyalty program will often consist of many video and web conferences, but only a couple of in-person meetings. In many cases, those in-person meetings turn out to be one-way presentations rather than creative collaborations.

Keys to Year-1 Program Success

incentive program

As a new year begins, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about starting new programs. Launching a new program is always an exciting prospect. Suddenly you find yourself working with new people, cultivating new business, and challenging yourself in new ways. Most importantly, a new program launch is your one and only chance to make a good first impression on your customer audience.

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