The Challenges of Customer Retention

About 8 years ago I noticed that our kitchen sink was leaking. This paved the way to the discovery that in fact our garbage disposal had broken and would leach water down into the cabinet space below every time we ran the faucet or dishwasher. Of course, I spent the requisite two to three hours […]

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Digital Insights: The Way of the Now

You’ve heard it before: the digital transformation is taking the world by storm. As we digitize everything, we’ve started to become familiar with things like Artificial Intelligence and Automated processes. You’re likely also familiar already with stats like these: 31% of enterprises are set to have adopted AI by the end of 2019 AI is […]

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The Brave New World of Incentives in 2019

A couple weeks ago we finished up our last post in our “New Year, New Challenges” series, where we delved into some of the industries our clients deal in and talked about what we saw in the year ahead for them. Some of the major trends we found across multiple industries: the continued rise of […]

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Manufacturers, You Can Target Builders Better

Recently, one of our favorite building materials resources, Venveo, interviewed a builder named Tom Benedict. Tom’s a busy guy and doesn’t have time for the standard manufacturer sales pitch. In this podcast, called How to Land Meetings and Win More Jobs With Builders, Tom lays out a few points for manufacturers to follow when targeting […]

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Financial Trends: Cyber-Everything

In the final installment of our “New Year, New Challenges” blog series, we’re looking at what’s on the horizon for the financial services industry in 2019. Much like other industries we’ve discussed, financial services will be staking a lot on the proliferation of digital technologies that seem to be growing more sophisticated by the day. […]

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Electrical Trends: Bright Horizons

Hey there, we’re back with another installment of the HMI Blog’s “New Year, New Challenges” series! Each week, we’ve been looking at one of the various industries our clients deal in and discussing what’s coming up for them in the new year. While you’re here, check out our other installments! Today, in our second-to-last “New […]

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Building Materials Trends: Sustainability, Safety, and Streamlining

So far in our “New Year, New Challenges” blog series, we’ve taken a look at the trends our clients are set to encounter in the Automotive Aftermarket, Information Technology, and HVAC industries. This week, we continue by highlighting some of the major Building Material trends, challenges, and opportunities coming for us in 2019. Sustainability Much […]

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HVAC Trends: Greener, Smarter, Better

We’re back with another installment of our “New Year, New Challenges” series, where we discuss the various industries our clients deal in and think about what lies ahead for them in 2019. This week, our focus is on the HVAC/R industry: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and (sometimes) Refrigeration . At least one new HVAC trend […]

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IT Trends: What Your Competitors Are Doing with Incentives

In last week’s blog, we covered some of the latest trends our clients are focused on in the Automotive Aftermarket. This week in our “New Year, New Challenges” campaign, we’ll take a look at a few major Information Technology trends that have moved to the foreground in 2019 and how these trends are shaping the ways […]

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