4 Points to Keep in Mind When Structuring a Customer Loyalty Program

February 4, 2016

What are some ideas for structuring a customer loyalty program?

1. Keep Things Simple

customer loyaltyOffer your customers a tiered incentive strategy that rewards them for achieving greater levels of sales. That’s what we did for a national paint distributor. We used our VacationAmerica promotional suite to design a contractor program featuring seven unique levels of achievement. As customers sold/bought more of our client’s product, they were able to earn more enticing travel awards.

2. Inspire Loyalty, Inspire Success

Loyalty stems from a sense of trust. HMI’s customer loyalty programs are designed to help you maintain trusted relationships with your most valued customers and build new ones with prospective clients. Our incentive strategies grow long-term brand loyalty, leveraging unique gamification techniques and tiered creative marketing programs.

3. Loyalty For All

We believe there is a loyalty program for every type of business. No matter your industry, HMI has a loyalty solution to meet your business needs. We’re committed to designing a strategy that enhances your relationship with your customers at multiple touch points – increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention, and overall brand loyalty.

4. Frequent Buyer Program

Consider a points based approach. In one of our most successful customer loyalty campaigns, a “frequent buyer program” allows customers to earn points toward non-cash rewards as they purchase more. The program is based on the number of units purchased or on the dollar amount spent. It’s flexible. We can offer multiple variations for different segments of your audience, and we can include options that trigger accelerated earning rates, keeping your customers happy, loyal, and motivated to do business with you.

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