Partner Channels Aren’t For Everyone… Here’s Why.

May 5, 2017

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Top Takeaway from Move the Channel’s Thinking about building a partner channel… Don’t bother.

Recently, HMI Regional Vice President and Founder/Chief Writer of Move the Channel, Travis Smith, wrote an article called Thinking about building a partner channel… Don’t bother. This article was posted to a LinkedIn group called Move the Channel. This is a closed group created to be a source of insights and thought leading discussions around channel marketing, sales, planning, and enablement.

Here is the article: Thinking about building a partner channel… Don’t bother.

And here is HMI’s main takeaway from this article, as it pertains to our audiences.


Do What Works for You

A favorite quote at HMI is Peter Drucker’s “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We like this quote because it falls in line with our approach while setting up reward programs for our clients. We explore their business with them, making sure that what we provide to them will fit smoothly into their operations. Our strategies are pruned to work for them.

The author is speaking to this point. He uses the “grass is always greener” metaphor to explain it. He stresses to stay in your lane. As a direct channel business, a partner channel may seem like a great avenue for you. However, there are not very many examples of businesses that do both strategies effectively.


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