Well Received Incentives:  Making a Great First Impression

March 24, 2016

incentiveIn the world of performance incentives, a first impression can be a very powerful thing. Though much can be said for targeted marketing campaigns that keep participants engaged throughout the entire length of the program, by drawing potential employees or customers into a program from the very beginning, the stage will be set for long term growth and high returns.

Think about the last time you signed up for a customer loyalty program, whether through a restaurant or one of your favorite stores. Chances are the form to fill out was simple and straightforward, or even non-existent. The rewards that could be earned were explained in a clear way that showed you exactly what you were going to get with your participation. You probably even received a sign-up bonus – anything from a free cup of coffee to $5 off of your first purchase as a loyalty rewards member.


For performance incentives on a corporate level, reward programs by necessity have a few more complications, but the same basic principles apply. In order to generate excitement about the program, communications need to be clear and well thought out, and the sign up process needs to be as simple as possible. Showcase the rewards from the program front and center, from group incentive trips to iPads to front row tickets to a baseball game. Not only will program participants be inspired and excited about what’s to come, but your company will see profits go up and engagement soar.

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