Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty ProgramsCustomer loyalty programs, also called frequency marketing, frequent buyer programs or customer satisfaction programs, are designed to help you show your current customers that you appreciate their patronage. The financial and other benefits of customer loyalty incentive programs greatly outweigh the costs associated with running them, and they help to retain each current customer's economic value as well as attract new customers with creative and compelling channel incentives.

The goal of a customer loyalty program is to influence your client to continue to do business with you, to increase the frequency of their purchasing and to ensure that you are their first destination for discretionary purchases. Many people associate customer loyalty programs with consumer agencies, such as airlines or restaurants, that offer some type of promotion that allows customers to earn free rewards. While those programs are successful in their own right, the real benefits of loyalty programs can be seen on a much bigger scale, with loyalty incentive programs working for large companies in almost any industry.

HMI has extensive experience in designing and administering customer loyalty programs. We have worked with companies in industries as varied as manufacturing, financial services, building supplies and sports apparel. We understand the importance of meeting the bottom line, and through our targeted points programs, we help our clients achieve not only financial success, but a remarkable increase in customer satisfaction, employee retention and brand loyalty. When you offer your customers or wholesalers the right incentives, they are much more likely to not only repeat normal business with your company, but also search for more ways to work with you in other areas.

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