Channel Insight: Three Ways Your Sales Partners Can Build Credibility Among Buyers

Many factors come into play when making a sale, but broadly speaking, the single most important factor may be credibility. If a lead trusts a company and its sales staff, and feels they are a good source of information and solutions, they are going to be far more likely to convert. Building that sense of credibility is […]

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HMI Enhances Its Channel Offering by Partnering with LogicBay

For Immediate Release A partnership that brings world-class channel solutions to clients NORWOOD, MA. April 16, 2019 – HMI Performance Incentives has recently added LogicBay, a provider of integrated technology solutions for the sales channel, as a strategic partner. This partnership brings a wide range of opportunities for LogicBay and HMI clients. Together, the two […]

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Sales Incentives and More: the IRF’s Latest Report

Every quarter, the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) releases a review: a summary of the incentive research they (or others) have been doing recently. From sales incentives to the cash vs. non-cash debate, they cover all things incentives. We like to keep a close eye on these reports, because it allows us to shift and adapt […]

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Case Study: Conquering the Channel

A Special Promotion helps a global leader enable its channel partners and change behavior by offering experiential rewards.   To learn more about channel enablement strategies, click here.

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The Customer Experience and the Big, Bad Data

Once upon a time (around 2012), in a far-off land called Minnesota, a very angry man stormed into a Target brandishing a handful of coupons. Target had been mailing the man’s teenaged daughter coupons for things like maternity clothes and cribs, and he was furious—what was Target thinking, mailing a teenage girl things like that? […]

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Why People Prefer Experiential Rewards

Does anyone else have a friend or co-worker who has a completely different personality between different ways of communicating? I have this one friend who is so talkative and puts a lot of detail into his verbiage and stories while we’re talking in person. When we’re texting, though, he’s almost rude in how short he […]

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HMI Releases Exciting Updates to Its OnDemand Engagement Platform

For Immediate Release Adding a Variety of New Capabilities for Clients NORWOOD, MA. March 26, 2019 – HMI Performance Incentives is proud to announce the launch of several new enhancements on its OnDemand SaaS engagement platform. The OnDemand platform provides secure communication for HMI’s clients to engage and reward their customers, sales personnel, or channel […]

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The Challenges of Customer Retention

About 8 years ago I noticed that our kitchen sink was leaking. This paved the way to the discovery that in fact our garbage disposal had broken and would leach water down into the cabinet space below every time we ran the faucet or dishwasher. Of course, I spent the requisite two to three hours […]

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How to Build a Better Channel Enablement Strategy

We’ve worked together with our partner, LogicBay, to put together insights on how companies can improve their channel enablement and channel engagement. If you’re looking for a stronger, more successful way to reach your channel partners and improve incremental sales throughout your channel, download our executive brief now! What You’ll Learn: Why channel enablement is […]

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