Strategic Partners in the Incentive Industry

To remain ahead of the curve with industry trends and our client's growing needs, HMI has developed and cultivated strong relationships with strategic partners of leading service providers. Through these partnerships, we are able to bring additional resources to our clients, furthering their capabilities at home and abroad. We are proud to partner with like-minded companies who are as devoted to their clients as we are. We work hard to provide the very best in strategy and service, and when it comes to our performance incentive solutions, our partnerships are a big part of our success. 

Channel Marketing Group

Channel Marketing Group (CMG) is a strategic planning, marketing strategy and market research firm focused on helping distributors and manufacturers drive performance throughout their respective channels. CMG works with HMI to develop and implement unique incentive marketing strategies and serves as a valuable resource to HMI clients.


HMI partners with TIMBR to develop exclusive incentive marketing solutions for building material distributors throughout the country. Through TIMBR's association with ENAP (, the country’s largest building materials marketing group, HMI is able to deliver powerful, cost-effective programs.


Motivforce Marketing and Incentives (MMI) partners with HMI to provide a host of creative and analytical services for companies that are looking to improve their incentive strategy. Led by Professor David Cox, a winner of numerous incentive, marketing and loyalty awards, MMI is a global thought leader in the loyalty and performance incentives industries.