Strategy & Execution for Your Performance Incentive Programs

Even the most dynamic performance incentive strategy is ineffective without the right support. When you do business with HMI, you can rest assured knowing you have a capable team of communication, design, technology and customer service professionals who are working tirelessly to help your program reach its full potential.

Strategic program planning

Perhaps our most important service is our ability to deliver strategies that address each of our clients’ industry-specific challenges. Whether these involve market share, account retention, product marketing, or lagging sales, at HMI we can craft an incentive strategy that satisfies your company’s unique objectives. We also offer advanced reporting and analytics that determine the extent of your program’s success, and we can provide additional suggestions on how incentives can help move your business forward in the future.

Creative services

Effective communication is critical when it comes to marketing incentives. It keeps your participants actively and consistently engaged while providing your program with valuable momentum. Experience has shown that frequent marketing communications has a direct correlation to capturing both mind and market share. At HMI Performance Incentives, our Creative Services team will  develop your program materials with an innovative theme and logo, design unique print and audio-visual materials, and maximize brand opportunities by consistently and creatively reminding customers about the benefits of doing business with you.

Fulfillment and redemption

For years, we at HMI have been honing our system of fulfillment and redemption, and today we administer these incentive services with pride. That’s because we are able to combine seamless inventory control and product management with our competitive awards database and communication services. This ensures a prompt delivery process, which is backed by our team of customer service agents who will help track redeemed items from the warehouse right to your participants’ front doors.

Technology support

Through the experience of supporting dozens of unique incentive programs, HMI’s technology team is able to develop a tracking and reporting system that is tailored to your program’s specific needs. We design a program website that connects with the distinct demographics of your participants, and we manage our easy-to-use OnDemand incentive awards platform throughout the program’s entirety. From enrollment administration to regular participant status reports, our technology resources minimize operational headaches and help keep your program running smoothly.

Account management and customer service

HMI’s team of knowledgeable account executives work closely with you to bring fresh ideas and reliable management to your incentive program from start to finish. They are complimented by our obliging customer service department, which offers responsive customer service agents and other troubleshooting utilities to ensure a timely and stress-free process for both you and your program’s participants.