Travel Reward Alternatives: Points-Based Shopping Experiences

Chris Largent | May 4, 2020

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

In a recent article, we talked about 3 Alternatives to Travel Rewards. We spoke on the importance of maintaining a level of engagement and experience with your audience, offering up some brief descriptions to what those alternatives might look like.

But how do they play out when you get down to brass tacks? We’ve written a bit about virtual gamification like Spin to Win. And we’ve also addressed some non-traditional engagement strategies that could help alongside a branded rain-check box. The points-based shopping experience, however, I thought would be worth blowing out a bit more.

The Logistics

As I mentioned in our article, the points-based shopping experience consists of an online portal used to reward your audiences in a way that doesn’t compromise health and accessibility. This portal can be set up with an incentive vendor or with a catalogue vendor that has these capabilities. Depending on your audience and its size,  you’ll want to include a fair amount of merchandise for them to redeem for.

Now for the finances. If you were able to postpone your trip, I’d actually recommend maintaining that course, as cancelling can come with an assortment of fees from your third-party vendor, hotels, airlines, etc. Instead, use some out-of-the-box methods of engagement to keep an avenue of communication open with your trip-earners. When appropriate, use these same methods to start building excitement for the new trip dates.


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If you’ve had to cancel your trip and been able to recoup your deposits without a financial penalty, however, you will likely want to invest a similar amount as the per-head cost of the trip, or as close to it as possible. Remember that these trip-earners did a lot to earn their trip. While you may not be able to match that exact value with this shopping experience, it’s more about the perceived value and the recognition that you can give them. A thank you in uncertain times for reaching their program goal or objective.

Your New Digital Reward Experience

Now for the really engaging part. While maintaining your trip’s brand or adapting the brand to the new environment, make sure to really market the new portal for points-based shopping to your audience. The choice is yours on when to set it live and for how long.

Redeeming should be easy and simple. One way to do this is by dispensing the same amount of points to every individual you plan to invite to the portal. These points can be used to purchase the prizes they want. That way, you can maintain the sense of experience with a specialized event. You provide them with something tangible that they can feel proud of and still holds comparable value for those who deserve the recognition.


Points-based shopping experiences are just one of several ways you can adapt your reward offering while looking for an alternative to travel rewards. Take a look at our recent articles for more ideas.

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