Case Study: Conquering the Channel

A Special Promotion helps a global leader enable its channel partners and change behavior by offering experiential rewards.   To learn more about channel enablement strategies, click here.

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How to Build a Better Channel Enablement Strategy

We’ve worked together with our partner, LogicBay, to put together insights on how companies can improve their channel enablement and channel engagement. If you’re looking for a stronger, more successful way to reach your channel partners and improve incremental sales throughout your channel, download our executive brief now! What You’ll Learn: Why channel enablement is […]

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Digital Insights: The Way of the Now

You’ve heard it before: the digital transformation is taking the world by storm. As we digitize everything, we’ve started to become familiar with things like Artificial Intelligence and Automated processes. You’re likely also familiar already with stats like these: 31% of enterprises are set to have adopted AI by the end of 2019 AI is […]

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Solution Guide: Group Incentive Travel

Download Our Guide to Running the Perfect Group Incentive Travel Trip Extraordinary achievements deserve exceptional awards. Group travel programs reward your top performers and loyal customers with experiences that create positive, lasting ties to your company, product, and brand. What You’ll Learn: Why Choose Group Incentive Travel How to Determine the Right Program How Group Incentive […]

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eBook: Smash Your Pareto Principle

Download the Guide for How to Cost-Effectively Capture the Most from Small- to Mid-Sized Customers.   For many B2B businesses, buying patterns look a little like this: your top buyers, those responsible for 80% only make up about 20% of your total buyers. This means a striking 80% of your buyers only bring you 20% […]

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Case Study: Accelerating ROI

An Award-Winning Program Uses A/B Testing to Increase Sales To learn more about points based programs and how you can increase incremental sales with them, click here.

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Case Study: Financing the Future

A Points-Based Program That Secures ROI and Improved Engagement. To learn more about how points based programs can bring your products and services to the top of mind for F&I managers, click here.

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Case Study: Electrifying Results

A Special Promotion That Delivers Powerful Results To learn more about how special promotions can make a big impact for your business, click here.

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Man vs Machine: The Evolving Role of the Sales Rep in the Era of eCommerce

“Am I scared of a stupid computer? Please. That computer should be scared of me. I was Salesman of the Month for 13 out of the last 12 months.” – Dwight Schrute, The Office In the twenty-first century, everything begins with a little “e”: email, ebook… and eCommerce. Everything’s turning “e,” and eCommerce is on the rise […]

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