Channel Enablement

Move Your Channel

Enable valued partners

Through a wide variety of proven technology and strategy solutions, we’ll take your channel enablement plan to the next level with your very own channel incentive program. Together, we’ll target the most influential parts of your channel: the managers and salespeople. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to improve your customer data or a distributor seeking that “first call” standard, we’ve got a vehicle for your motivation.

We’ll take a deep dive into the logistics of your channel to better understand which solutions might work best for enabling your partners with channel incentives.

“HMI partnered with us to develop an exciting program that was specifically customized to our needs. They continue to bring us creative ideas to maintain excitement with the sales associates.”

- Sports Apparel Client,

Here’s where to start

Are you at the very top of your channel or are you an essential piece of the puzzle? Are you trying to gain more data about your end-users or do you need a way to better meet those manufacturer goals? Are you looking for contractor rewards, distributor rewards, somewhere in above, below, or between? Whatever your motivation, we have a solution.


Now, let’s pick the correct vehicle to help you achieve your objectives

While every solution depends on where you reside within your channel, there are a lot of options for every program. You can use eLearning initiatives, steps-to-the-sale rewards, claims-based earning, and so much more.

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