Market Share

Adding Value to Increase Your Share

Differentiate and solidify your position at the top

For many companies, the real value of incentive programs is their proven ability to increase a company’s market share and stand out against their competition. Differentiation in a market saturated with customers buying with discretionary funds can be a difficult task. That’s why our programs focus on adding the value needed to increase your market share.

Competing with price can be a hole you don’t want to go down. So, rather than settling, you can invest in a program that will set you up for major customer acquisition and market share increases.

“HMI has exceeded our expectations from day one. We switched to HMI three years ago and we have never looked back. Our rewards program has been extremely effective growing our market share.”

- Electrical Distribution Client,

Here’s where to start

An incentive program focused on increasing market share should supplement and increase the competitiveness of your current products and any of those you wish to launch in the future. By giving your products and the your business model and edge among your competitors, our programs can help you in achieving your goals of being best in your market.


The correct vehicle to help you achieve your objectives

There’s a lot of options that come with a program targeting an increase in market share, but some include a points platform, group travel, and customer acquisition strategies. We’ll take a look at your current standing and pinpoint perfect opportunities for your imminent increase.

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