Sales Growth

Inspire Your Team

Motivate, engage, and reward

sales growth

The measure of a truly successful sales growth program is its ability to inspire, motivate, and engage with your audience, whoever they are. Acquiring market and mind share, pulling more from your low- to mid-level performers, launching a new product. Your sales growth program can do it all.

There are several ways that you can create an engaging, motivating, and reward-fulfilling performance incentive program. It all depends on your business model.

“HMI is a valued partner in our success. The program has enabled us to meet and exceed our very ambitious sales growth goals year after year.”

- Automotive Client,

Here’s where to start

We’ll take a look at your data. We’ll give you a solid sales growth analysis based on your sales personnel’s performed in the past and where there may be some opportunities to improve with incentives. Then, we’ll work with you to build out a blueprint of your program and how exactly it will achieve your sales growth and profitability goals.


Now, let’s pick the correct vehicle to help you achieve your objectives

With a sales growth incentive program, you have a lot of options. Depending on whether you’re working with a direct or indirect sales force, you could use anything from special promotions to points platforms, eLearning to group travel. Click here to find out which one might work best for you.