The Digital Transition: Adapting to Innovation

A couple of years ago I was reading the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and thinking about the various categories of users for a given product or technology based on the Diffusion Theory of Innovation: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards. Really, I was wondering where on this spectrum I […]

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eBook: The Rise of eCommerce In Distribution Channels

What does eCommerce look like right now for distributors? And more importantly, where is it headed and how can we prepare for it? eCommerce will reach $1.2 trillion in B2B sales in the U.S. alone by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%. Are you prepared? It’s clear that eCommerce has arrived in […]

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Top 4 Channel Incentive Pain Points

When it comes to building an incentive program that functions through a manufacturing or distribution channel, there are a number of unique channel incentive pain points that can prevent the program from truly being successful. These challenges can crop up from a variety of different sources: some might be internal, others external. Some challenges may […]

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Three Reasons Gamification Incentives Are Here to Stay

Editor’s note: This article was previous published on 8/15/2017 When you think about the idea of playing games, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s children having fun outside, or maybe you imagine people playing video games or board games. In fact, if you type “playing games” into Google Images, the pictures generated are almost exclusively […]

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Marketing Differentiation for Building Materials: 3 Tips

In 2017, the research company Real Results Marketing released the findings of a survey called the 2017 State of Distributor Marketing, part 2: Distributors Lack Marketing Differentiation. Differentiation is a difficult hurdle for distributors as you might have guessed from the title. The study says, “80 to 90 percent of distributors believing their value proposition […]

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The Paradox of Choice: Why I Hate Making Decisions

I really need to buy new shoes. I’ve had my gray Converse All-Star low-tops for six years, and it shows. They’re beaten up, scuffed, the inner lining worn through and holes in both heels that make them impossible to wear when it’s rainy out. I know I need new shoes. And whenever I walk into […]

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Case Study: Engaging Travelers

A mobile app, TripBuzz, helps to increase engagement and Return on Experience for group travel programs   Interested in other Group Incentive Travel solutions? Click to here to see more resources.

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Incentive Travel Planners Make the Difference: The Boeing Example

Back in March, global aviation authorities made the decision to ground Boeing’s 737 Max series of jets after two fatal crashes occurred in the span five months. While such events have obviously been devastating for all of those directly involved, the ripple effect from these crashes and the subsequent decision to ground the jets has […]

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Case Study: Fueling Sales

A multifaceted incentive program helps to strengthen relationships and increase sales   Interested in growing sales? Take a look at some articles focusing on how you can grow sales, here.

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