Manufacturing Trends: New Decade, New Me

Welcome back to another installment of New Year, New Challenges, where we lay out some of the biggest changes our clients and readers can expect to see in their given field as our planet starts its next lap around the Sun. Our topic this week: manufacturing trends. Earlier, we took a look at each of […]

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What are the Keys for Distribution Salesforces of Tomorrow?

Distribution professionals, if you have not downloaded or watched Distribution Strategy Group’s State of Sales in Distribution report, I would highly recommend you do if you’re in charge of a distribution salesforce. It’s packed full of in-depth analysis of trends happening within the industrial distribution industry. To name a few: how COVID impacted sales teams, […]

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What Wholesale Distributors Can Do with a CRM Tool

Look, you’re not a data scientist. Neither am I. Actually, my fiancée is, but she didn’t help me build out our Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool, I promise. You and I are marketers (or maybe you’re a salesperson) who need to figure out how to better position our companies in front of leads, make the […]

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HVAC Trends: Greener, Smarter, Better

We’re back with another installment of our “New Year, New Challenges” series, where we discuss the various industries our clients deal in and think about what lies ahead for them in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) comes to a close. This week, our focus is on the HVAC/R industry: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and […]

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Case Study: Make Them Exclusive

A regional distribution company grows business and captures mind share through an exclusive incentive travel short-term promotion Want to move your people? Learn more about what a promotion could look like for you here.

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Financial Trends: Cyber-Everything

The last year has seen some dramatic changes in everything from IT to electrical distribution, and with the economy still on the mend, it seems fitting that the next entry in our industry trends blog series looks at the landscape for financial services. So, what’s on the horizon for the financial services industry in 2021 […]

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Insurance Promotions: Why Providers Should be Considering Incentives

Let’s say you’re a key decision-maker at an insurance carrier who’s feeling some of the woes of the modern market. Maybe you’re worried about market saturation and how your agents are selling your policies versus those of your competitors. Or maybe you’re thinking about how your agents or CSRs could be communicating your policies better. […]

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What Distributors Do During Supply Chain Disruptions

In the last month, the semiconductor industry has found itself front and center in the news as a result of a global supply shortage. With semiconductor chips being used in everything from automobiles and medical devices to consumer electronics and industrial equipment, the current supply chain disruption of this small but vital component has become […]

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Electrical Trends: Bright Horizons

Hey there, we’re back with another installment of the HMI Blog’s “New Year, New Challenges” series: electrical trends! Each week, we’ve been looking at one of the various industries our clients deal in and discussing what’s coming up for them in the new year. While you’re here, check out our other installments! Today, in this […]

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