Motivate a Sales Team by Answering these 17 Questions

To motivate a sales team is a worthy endeavor. One solution to this task is a sales incentive program. A well-run sales incentive program can have considerable benefits. They can help to increase excitement, healthy competition, and morale among your sales organization. In a previous article, we discussed how sales incentives work and why. So, you […]

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Manufacturing Trends: New Decade, New Me

Welcome back to another installment of New Year, New Challenges, where we lay out some of the biggest changes our clients and readers can expect to see in their given field as our planet starts its next lap around the Sun. Our topic this week: manufacturing trends. Back in 2019, we took a look at […]

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Takeaways from the NAW Executive Summit

At the end of January I was fortunate enough to attend the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Executive Summit in Washington, D.C. The annual Summit provides best practices, insightful content, and thought leadership for the entire distribution industry, and this year was no different. With much of the industry currently facing a variety of disruptive […]

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How To Build A Successful Sales Incentive Program

The world of sales incentives is complex. Whether you’re thinking about implementing a strategy, or are currently managing one, you probably are already aware that there are a lot of factors to consider: rules structure, overall design, communication and marketing, administration, demographics, awards, reporting and analytics, not to mention the behavioral side of sales incentives […]

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Case Study: For the Love of the Game

A fantasy football promotion conquers three objective at once for a national distributor Want to know about more gamification tactics? Click here for more!

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eBook: Sales Incentives: How, Why, and ROI

A successful sales incentive improves motivation and focus and addresses several important KPIs What is a sales incentive, and does it really work? In this ebook, we dive into the how, the why, and the ROI of various sales incentives strategies. These dynamic offerings can be shaped to achieve a variety of business objectives, so how […]

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Wholesale Distribution Trends: New Year New Challenges

It’s a new year, and you know what that means. We’re returning with our New Year, New Challenges blog series, where we tackle some of the issues, trends, and innovations that our clients and readers are set to face in the coming year. As we officially turn the page on 2019, we’d like to begin […]

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When It Comes to Incentive Reward Catalogs, Less Is More

Last week I was at the grocery store going through the list of items my wife had created for me on Anylist. As I went down the list, relishing the satisfaction of checking off one thing after another, I got to the “Breakfast” section and saw that “Honey” was on there. This isn’t an item […]

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How to Improve Workplace Culture with Incentives

It’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays. I’m talking about the Incentive Research Foundation’s quarterly report! This time, the report talks about how to improve workplace culture and what effect incentives can have on culture and motivation. The idea that incentives can have an effect on company culture is relatively new, at […]

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