The Spread Kindness Initiative Drives Positivity in Response to COVID-19

HMI Performance Incentives runs a campaign, gathering stories about what is inspiring or motivating people during difficult times while donating to charitable causes. NORWOOD, Mass. July 17, 2020 – HMI Performance Incentives’ campaign, Spread Kindness, which was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the Hermes Creative Awards, was a charitable push put together to help […]

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Don’t Forget Your Sunblock

As a parent to three young girls (all under the age of four), life is busy even in the best of situations. Trying to be a parent during a global pandemic, it is mission impossible. These past few weeks in Boston have been oppressive with heat and humidity, and to beat the heat, we have […]

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Hilton Honors Loyalty Program Sets Itself Up for Future Success

I recently saw the news that the Hilton Honors Loyalty Program will rollover 2020 Elite Qualification into their 2021 Program in response to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Hilton Honors is one of the most popular B2C loyalty programs in the world, with over 100 million members. Programs like these can differ significantly from B2B programs, […]

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What Does a Reward Program Cost? Your Best Billing Models

When dealing with new prospective clients, one of the most common questions I encounter is, “What will a reward program cost?” For new prospective incentive buyers, the first thing we condition is that programs should not be treated as a cost, but an investment. When you invest money into a performance incentive program, it’s an […]

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In the Eye of a Storm – Navigating Group Incentive Travel

The annual group incentive travel program for an automotive client held at Meliá Nassau Beach Resort in early November 2019 was a great success despite the obstacles presented during the planning process. Originally slated for Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, the travel plans were abruptly halted when news regarding deaths of U.S. citizens in the […]

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Price vs. Incentives: How to Build Loyalty During a Market Downturn

When business is good, retaining current market share and, perhaps, even capturing more seems like a smooth ride. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and good things will continue to happen. But as we all know, the tide can turn pretty quickly, and when a market downturn hits, and the economic seas become choppy, we […]

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5 Ways to Get Creative with Special Promotions

As I think back to discussions we’ve had with clients, one thing I’ve noticed is that the term “special promotions” often means different things to different people. One organization might hear this term and think of something that’s used to generate a quick burst of excitement—and sales—around a new product line. Another might consider a […]

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Murphy’s Law, or Why You Should Outsource Your Trip Planning

You’re familiar with Murphy’s Law, right? The idea that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong? That adage might be feeling particularly true right now, especially if you run a group incentive travel program. But just because things go wrong doesn’t mean your program is ruined. HMI is here to make sure that doesn’t […]

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3 Important Questions You Should Be Asking Your Travel Vendor

Hiring a third-party travel vendor can be a daunting task. It requires placing trust, money, and the most important producers or customers—in the hands of someone you likely don’t know very well. In a perfect world, these vendors would have your best interests at heart and would operate as if the program were their own. […]

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