4 Essential Tools For Your Sales Incentive Strategy

We all have our go-to tools: the trusty hammer, those four screwdrivers—two slot head, two Phillips head—a set of pliers, a tape measure, and maybe an electric drill (for special occasions). Sure, there may be a few more, and possibly a few heavy-duty ones that we break out when the situation calls for it, but […]

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Case Study: A Sprint in Sales

Increasing a Retail Chain’s Market Share by Inspiring the Sales Force to Become Brand Advocates   Interested in other ways manufacturers can increase sales? Check out more sales incentive resources here.

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Case Study: Fueling Sales

A multifaceted incentive program helps to strengthen relationships and increase sales   Interested in growing sales? Take a look at some articles focusing on how you can grow sales, here.

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Case Study: Motivating Members

A large-scale, points-based solution helps to improve engagement and sales activities   Want to learn more about what’s possible with points-based programs? Click here.

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Case Study: Move the Middle

A Points-Based Program Drives Incremental Sales from Small- to Mid-Sized Accounts   Want to learn more about how you can move your small- to mid-sized accounts? Click here to download our eBook.

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Case Study: Let the Games Begin

Gamification Helps to Accelerate Sales and Engagement   To learn more about how gamification can boost engagement and sales for you, click here.

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Sales Incentives and More: the IRF’s Latest Report

Every quarter, the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) releases a review: a summary of the incentive research they (or others) have been doing recently. From sales incentives to the cash vs. non-cash debate, they cover all things incentives. We like to keep a close eye on these reports, because it allows us to shift and adapt […]

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Case Study: Accelerating ROI

An Award-Winning Program Uses A/B Testing to Increase Sales To learn more about points based programs and how you can increase incremental sales with them, click here.

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Case Study: Connecting Dreams

A Group Incentive Travel Program Generates Stronger Sales from an Existing Customer Base For more information on Group Incentive Travel programs click here. Or if you’re looking for customer loyalty solutions, click here.

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