Sales Incentives and More: the IRF’s Latest Report

Every quarter, the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) releases a review: a summary of the incentive research they (or others) have been doing recently. From sales incentives to the cash vs. non-cash debate, they cover all things incentives. We like to keep a close eye on these reports, because it allows us to shift and adapt […]

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Case Study: Accelerating ROI

An Award-Winning Program Uses A/B Testing to Increase Sales To learn more about points based programs and how you can increase incremental sales with them, click here.

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Case Study: Connecting Dreams

A Group Incentive Travel Program Generates Stronger Sales from an Existing Customer Base For more information on Group Incentive Travel programs click here. Or if you’re looking for customer loyalty solutions, click here.

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Case Study: Electrifying Results

A Special Promotion That Delivers Powerful Results If you want to learn more about what makes a channel incentive program successful, download out guide: The Definitive Guide to an Effective Channel Incentive Program.

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Man vs Machine: The Evolving Role of the Sales Rep in the Era of eCommerce

“Am I scared of a stupid computer? Please. That computer should be scared of me. I was Salesman of the Month for 13 out of the last 12 months.” – Dwight Schrute, The Office In the twenty-first century, everything begins with a little “e”: email, ebook… and eCommerce. Everything’s turning “e,” and eCommerce is on the rise […]

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How You Can Increase Sales with a Customer Loyalty Program

Sometimes, we cover some heavy hitting topics on this blog. For example, there’s 3 Non-Traditional Ways to Keep Your Participants Engaged, How to Incorporate CSR into Your Group Travel Program, and Prize vs. Praise – The Difference between Incentive and Recognition Programs. Sometimes, however, it can be helpful to remind ourselves of the basics and why we’ve made […]

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What Are Sales Incentives and Why You Should Use Them

In the past few weeks, we’ve examined why potential clients should choose a group travel program and special promotions. This week, we wanted to look at the questions, “what are sales incentives” and why targeting your direct or indirect sales team with an incentive program could be the right choice for you. Reasons For a Sales Incentive There […]

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How to Get the Most from Your Customers: Your Next 20%

When attempting to grow your business and sales through customer loyalty, do you look toward further account penetration with your best customers or your top 20% of performers? Maybe your share of wallet with this group isn’t as high as you think it could be. Maybe you believe a targeted campaign to them could yield […]

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Tapping Into the Middle Sixty

In the early 1900s, economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that 80% of Italy’s wealth was held by 20% of its population. In business, the Pareto Principle has come to describe how 80% of a company’s sales will often be derived from just 20% of its customer base, and how 80% of a company’s sales volume will […]

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