Incentive Travel Planners Make the Difference: The Boeing Example

Back in March, global aviation authorities made the decision to ground Boeing’s 737 Max series of jets after two fatal crashes occurred in the span five months. While such events have obviously been devastating for all of those directly involved, the ripple effect from these crashes and the subsequent decision to ground the jets has […]

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Case Study: Fueling Sales

A multifaceted incentive program helps to strengthen relationships and increase sales   Interested in growing sales? Take a look at some articles focusing on how you can grow sales, here.

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Spaced Learning and Your Channel Incentive Program

We do an awful lot of talking about incentives on this blog. Let’s try something new today. Let’s try talking about something different, maybe something popular, sexy, and topical. Let’s talk about Latin. I studied Latin in high school. And, not to brag, but I totally aced it. Straight A’s on every test. (Okay, so […]

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Case Study: Motivating Members

A large-scale, points-based solution helps to improve engagement and sales activities   Want to learn more about what’s possible with points-based programs? Click here.

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Case Study: Move the Middle

A Points-Based Program Drives Incremental Sales from Small- to Mid-Sized Accounts   Want to learn more about how you can move your small- to mid-sized accounts? Click here to download our eBook.

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Earning Loyalty Points for More Than Just Loyalty

The other day, I came across this article, Loyalty Programs: Get Points For Thinking Beyond Points. It’s a commentary on how a B2C customer loyalty program can benefit from rewarding loyalty points for more than just loyalty. While not exactly our realm, as we deal with B2B loyalty here on this blog, I drew some parallels that I […]

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Case Study: Let the Games Begin

Gamification Helps to Accelerate Sales and Engagement   To learn more about how gamification can boost engagement and sales for you, click here.

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Distributors, Manufacturers Rate Their Supply Chain Partnerships

While HVACR manufacturers and distributors have traditionally relied upon one another for business success, those relationships appear to be fracturing. According to a “Reimagining Distributor and Manufacturer Relationships” survey conducted by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), 91 percent of responding NAED companies said there is a real need for manufacturers and distributors to reimagine how […]

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Channel Insight: Three Ways Your Sales Partners Can Build Credibility Among Buyers

Many factors come into play when making a sale, but broadly speaking, the single most important factor may be credibility. If a lead trusts a company and its sales staff, and feels they are a good source of information and solutions, they are going to be far more likely to convert. Building that sense of credibility is […]

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